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Do Chives Make Your Breath Smell

Do Chives Make Your Breath Smell?

No! It appears that eating chives does not make your breath smell. Chives contain an allyl methyl sulfide compound that may contribute to odor, but it does not seem to linger.
Do Chives Make You Poop

Do Chives Make You Poop?

Yes! There are some minor potential side effects, primarily related to digestive health, that you should be aware of when consuming chives.
Do Chives Like Wet Soil

Do Chives Like Wet Soil?

Yes! Chives are very tolerant of both wet and dry soil conditions. They can thrive in both environments.
Do Chives Keep Mosquitoes Away

Do Chives Keep Mosquitoes Away?

While there is no concrete scientific evidence proving that chives repel mosquitoes. Many people have heard that chives might have the ability to repel mosquitoes, but is there any truth to it?
Can Chives Grow In Winter

Can Chives Grow In Winter?

Yes! Chives can be grown in winter in mild climates, though it is more challenging than in warmer climates.
Can Chives Grow In Water

Can Chives Grow In Water?

Yes and No. Technically, chives CAN be grown in water; however, they have difficulty developing much of a root system when grown this way.
Can Chives Grow In A Pot

Can Chives Grow In A Pot?

Yes! They can also be grown in large pots of soil-based compost, either on their own or in a mixed herb display.
Can Chives Give You Diarrhea

Can Chives Give You Diarrhea?

Chives contain some dietary fiber known to help promote regular bowel movements; however, consuming large amounts of chives could cause temporary intestinal discomfort, including diarrhea.
Can Chives Be Eaten Raw

Can Chives Be Eaten Raw?

The answer is yes! Raw chives can be enjoyed in many ways and have several benefits when included in your diet.
Can Chive Flowers Be Eaten

Can Chive Flowers Be Eaten?

Yes, chive flowers can be eaten raw or cooked. They have a mild onion flavor and make a great addition to dishes.
Can Chive Flowers Be Dried

Can Chive Flowers Be Dried?

Yes, Discover the best techniques for drying chive flowers, and learn how to use them in various dishes and seasonings.
Do Chives Flower

Do Chives Flower?

Yes, Chives bloom in mid spring to early summer. Each inflorescence is surrounded by a papery bract that splits open at flowering.
Do Chives Deter Pests

Do Chives Deter Pests?

Chives are a viable option for deterring pests from gardens, as many species of pests reportedly do not like the smell or taste.
Do Chives Cause Gas

Do Chives Cause Gas?

Not likely to cause excessive gas or bloating, they may be a symptom of a more considerable digestive disorder
Do Chives Attract Bees

Do Chives Attract Bees?

Yes, Chives are a member of the Allium family and, as such, emit an aroma and flavor that will attract bees.
Can Dogs Eat Chives

Can Dogs Eat Chives?

No, Chives belong to the Allium family (which also includes onion, garlic, and leeks) and are poisonous to dogs and cats.
Can Chickens Eat Chives

Can Chickens Eat Chives?

Yes, you can feed chickens chives without worrying about them becoming sick. Chives indeed belong to the Allium family.
Can Chives Be Frozen

Can Chives Be Frozen?

As much as I love fresh chives, I never thought about freezing them for future use. After a…